Leasing is an increasingly popular way for people to drive a brand new vehicle.  Frequently used by businesses and fleets, personal leases have become a mainstream option for those looking for hassle-free motoring with plenty of flexibility and set monthly payments.

Our partners search the market for the best prices on the vehicle you require. They do this through industry-leading partnerships with vehicle manufacturers and finance providers. The focus is on providing all of our clients with the very best leasing experience, and all of our products are backed up by Best Price Guarantee.

Depending on your requirements, you choose the length of the lease, typically two, three or four years, and the initial payment, which is normally the equivalent of at least three monthly payments, for the vehicle you want to lease.

The cost you pay each month for the term of the lease is based on a number of different factors, the main one being the depreciation of the vehicle, and therefore its residual value along with the cost of funding. The depreciation, or residual value, of the vehicle is dependent primarily on the make and model and how many miles per year it has been driven.

Certain vehicles retain their value over time more than others, such as a prestigious brand of car, or cars with limited accessibility to newer models. In addition, a car driven just 10,000 miles a year for three years is going to be worth more at the end of the lease than the same car driven 20,000 miles a year for three years.

At the end of the lease, simply hand the car back and take delivery of your next brand new lease vehicle.

Business Leasing is suitable for Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders or LLPs.  It offers many advantages, including fixed monthly payments for a set term.  Businesses usually also benefit from positive tax implications.  All business lease prices are quoted excluding VAT.

Personal Leasing is for private individuals who want to benefit from driving a brand new car of their choice, to the specification they require, at a fixed monthly rate and for a set term.  Personal leasing can often be a more affordable, and hassle-free way, to drive a brand new car.

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