With an increasing number of sales transactions being made by cards without the customer being present on the business premises, it is clear that you will need to commit to a provider at some point.

We can facilitate sales transactions through online purchases (trade securely 24/7 through your website); phone payments (take payments over the phone from any internet-enabled device); pay by link (Email secure payment links directly to customers).

There has been a phenomenal growth in spending over these remote sales channels.  When you start trading over the internet or take orders from your own website that is in effect a ‘virtual’ or electronic shop that displays a brochure of the goods they have for sale.  To receive payment, you need a virtual terminal or ‘till’ which your customer sees as a payment page, often provided by the your payment service provider, when they go to the checkout on your website.There

The card payment cycle for an internet transaction is similar to that for other card transactions.  The exception is the part played by a payment service provider to securely pass card details between the banks (acquirer and issuing).

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