The main service that a card payments provider (acquirer) provides to you (its merchant/customer) is being able to accept card transactions through a terminal, or secure online payment gateway and provide an authorisation for that transaction.  

Recent research shows that the secure card payment market is set to grow still further in the next 5-10 years:

  • Over one third of consumers think people will no longer be paying with cash in five years time
  • More than half of consumers think their smartphone will replace their wallet in the next five years
  • Shopping online and shopping in-store are almost level pegging in regards to shopping preference

With an increasing number of sales transactions being made by cards without the customer being present on the business premises, it is clear that you will need to commit to a provider at some point.

We can facilitate sales transactions whereby the customer is present; online purchases (trade securely 24/7 through your website); phone payments (take payments over the phone from any internet-enabled device); pay by link (Email secure payment links directly to customers).

Not only is our provider the largest in the UK, it is also at the forefront of developments when it comes to providing tailored solutions.  There are a number of Flexible Pricing Plans available to meet your business requirements.

PAY AS YOU GO:  Designed for businesses seeking a flexible, low commitment option. Whether you’re a seasonal business, start up or simply prefer to pay as you go.

FIXED MONTHLY:  Peace of mind for businesses that have consistent monthly transaction volumes and want an inclusive plan, with a monthly rate fixed in advance.

STANDARD:  Suited to established businesses with varying transaction volumes, looking for a customised monthly plan with lower transaction charges.

Contact us now to get a tailored quote for Your Business today.  Even if you are with an existing provider, it is worth talking to us about making the move to the leading provider in the UK.

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